Captain bed with unlimited space

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Bed is great if you need lots of storage. If you have a child and running out of space this is the perfect bed. Very deep draws holds about 20 sweaters and 20 pants on each. 4 smaller draws in front can hold additional shirts, tanks, tees, shorts. Headboard bookshelf is a plus has dimming lights. 2 center draws holds socks and scarves. Bed is strong and will hold up to 300lbs comfortable with a supportive mattress. Quantity: 3 large pieces: the base support for the drawers; the base support for the headboard, the headboard-bookshelf; 2 side rails (L&R), the center slats support; 2 large drawers deep (L & R); 4 smaller drawers (front). And the hardware. Thanks for your interest.

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- date: 5/2/2022 2:20:13 PM
- member: TJAlexi

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