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I have a vintage button tufted velvet sofa. The color here is accurate. It’s not really gold but more of a mustard color and 8ft long. This couch is in MINT condition. No tears! No stains! Not even any WEAR! Belonged to my great Aunt she kept it along with other New like furniture in her `parlor` room suppose you would call it. Looks as if no one has even sat on it and it also has original arm cover protectors. She didnt have children, pets nor did she smoke. Couch was manufactured in North Wilkesboro, NC in 1972 by Key city furniture company which opened in the 1927 and shut down in 2013 due to demand. They made their furniture to order. All furniture custom to customers liking and specialized in mainly High end luxury sofas/other seating and furniture. I have seen this couch sell at all kinds of prices and conditions anywhere from $200.00-$800.00 im sure some have sold for a greater amount. Just send me a offer if your interested. No low balling please this is well worth the money for a Almost 50yr old item that looks as if it was just delivered to your door. Thank you.
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